Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we here?

  • We are here because we have a skill and we have resources that others don't have.  This is our way of helping.

Who do we help?

Why Heartline?
  • They have a solid reputation and are involved in life-changing work.

How do I make a donation of a hand-made item?
  • Email or convo us through our etsy shop.  Please have all the information necessary for creating a listing (materials used, accurate description, and high quality photographs).
Can I be reimbursed for shipping costs?
  • Because of the funding channels, it will be difficult to be reimbursed for shipping unless you make an arrangement with your buyer ahead of time.  The money from the purchase goes directly to Heartline's paypal account.  The small shipping charge is in place to help cover etsy and paypal fees.  I'm hoping to work out a better arrangement as our shop grows.
Thank you!