Wednesday, December 8, 2010


If this is your first time coming over here, welcome!

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Quilt Hope In is, essentially, a collaboration of quilters who, can accomplish far more together than separately.  We will be making quilts and other handmade projects, listing them in a little etsy shop, and then giving the proceeds to Heartline Ministries.  I chose this organization because of the incredible need they have, the life-changing work they are doing, and the honest reputation they have earned.  They are also the organization that Heather, the author of the blog post that originally inspired me to do something, is associated with.

Lee does a great job of describing some of the background here.

Right now --

  • I am working on getting the funding links all sorted for the etsy shop.  We might not always be with etsy, but for now it seems like the best place.  
  • I am gathering sponsors who will make a donation of fabric for our grand opening (and possibly beyond) to someone who promises to make a quilt for our little shop
  • Trying to get all the other little logistical things organized so that there aren't any major glitches when we open up -- but we can just get wonderful items from you, and truly help some of the world's most needy
Some sponsors so far!
Jewel's Arm Candy with a Hushabye FQ bundle

Sew Love Fabrics with a bundle

Something from Burgundy Buttons

And Moda is sending us a package!

So stay tuned... or get stitching.  

And join in!


  1. Wow, some very generous donations from these wonderful sponsors. A whole Hushabye FQ bundle! That's incredible! Thank you all!

  2. I am sure I can find a quilt to be part of your grand opening :) This is such a wonderful project, way to go Tracey!!

  3. Sounds like a great charity for our next do. Good Stitches circle. I'll save this info and be in touch when we have enough peeps.

  4. Will there be guidelines/rules for making the quilts for the shop? Sizes, style, quilting, etc.

  5. This is really wonderful!! I am looking forward to hearing more details b/c I am interested in getting involved. :)


Thank you. ♥